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The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will run from 8-8-2008 until 18-8-2008

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Q: What dates will the olympic games run?
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Who holds the Olympic record in the mile run?

The mile run is not an event in the Olympic Games, the 1500 meter run is contested.

Who organises the The olympic games?

The International Olympic committe (IOC) run the gamesand organise the bidding. however for each indiidual games each cit has its own board which run the games in THAT city.

When did Cathy Freeman run with the Olympic torch?

2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

When was the first Olympic games ran in meters?

Every modern Olympic Games has been run in metres, the first was in 1896.

What is the olympic record for the mile run?

The mile run has never been an Olympic event. The closest event to a mile is the 1500 meter run (1500 meters is .93 miles). As of the 2008 Games, the men's Olympic record is 3:32.07 held by Noah Ngeny of Kenya at the 2000 Games in Sydney. The women's Olympic record is 3:53.96 held by Paula Ivan of Romania at the 1988 Games in Seoul.

What are the release dates for Olympic Games - 1912?

Olympic Games - 1912 was released on: USA: 24 October 1912

What are the release dates for Olympic Games - 1925?

Olympic Games - 1925 was released on: USA: 23 February 1925

What are the release dates for Olympic Games - 1927?

Olympic Games - 1927 was released on: USA: 11 September 1927

What are the release dates for The Olympic Games - 1925?

The Olympic Games - 1925 was released on: USA: 23 February 1925

Is there a different Olympic competition that people with prosthetic legs can compete in?

Yes, if you have a prosthetic limb, you are eligible to participate in the Paralympic Games, which run after the Olympic Games.

How many running races are run at an Olympic games?


The events included in the first olympic games were?

The only event included in the first Olympic games was the "stade", a run of about 192 meters. hope that helped!

What are the release dates for XII Olympic Games at Innsbruck - 1976?

XII Olympic Games at Innsbruck - 1976 was released on: USA: 1976

In addition to the official Olympic Games what other types of Olympic events are held?

They also run the Winter & Paralympics

What are the dates for the Summer Olympic Games 2008?

The dates are August 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24. or 8-24

In what years has America hosted the Olympics?

America has hosted 4 summer Olympic games and 4 winter Olympic games. Try the Olympic web site at for specific locations and dates.

How can non-athletes get involved in the Olympic games?

run up and down the stairs

What is the minimum age to run the 100 meter sprint in the olympic games?


Where in the bible is there reference to the Olympic Games?

Some biblical scholars believe that the apostle Paul was referring to the Olympic Games in 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 when he said, "Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize?"

Is the summer Olympic games and the Olympic games the same?

Yes. The Olympic Games include the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Summer Olympic Games is said to separate it from the Winter Olympic Games.

What are the release dates for 10th Winter Olympic Games - 1968?

10th Winter Olympic Games - 1968 was released on: USA: 6 February 1968

What are the names and dates of the last summer Olympic games?

1946 AND 2008

What are the dates of the olympic games in 2012?

July 27 - August 12

What dates are the olympic games taking place in london?

July 27

What is the last event of an Olympic Games?

The men's marathon which is run the morning of the last day.