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August 29

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Q: What date will 2009 2010 NCAA College Football season start?
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When does college football start 2009 season?

September 5th.

When will the college football 2009 season begin?

September 3

For 2009 what college football team has scored the most points for the entire football season?

new york knights

Which college has the most wins of any college football program?

University of Michigan THE Ohio State University According to College Football Data Warehouse, as of the start of the 2009 season Michigan was the top Division 1 school 872 wins. OSU was 5th with 808.

Who was the lowest ranked team in college football in 2008-2009?

University of Washington, with a 0-12 season. Go Huskies!

What are the release dates for Best of College Football 2009 - 2009 TV?

Best of College Football 2009 - 2009 TV was released on: USA: 27 November 2009 (video premiere)

What date will 2009 2010 National Football League season start?

September 10, 2009. The first game will be between the Pittsburgh Steelers and an undetermined opponent.

When does the 2009 2010 English Football Championship League start?

The season will begin on 8 August 2009 for the Championship, League 1 and League 2 and 15 August 2009 for the Premier League. The season will finish on 2 May 2010 for the Football League Championship, and 9 May 2010 for the other three Divisions.

What football manager games are there for the 2009 season?

I'm take a gues with "Football manager 2009" YOU DICK!

When does the football season 2009 finish?

The SPL season 2009-10 starts on the 15th of August 2009.

When will heroes season 4 air in us?

Season 4 will air in September 2009. It is called volume 5, and should start right around week one of the Pro Football season.

What college football team won the 2009 Rose Bowl college football?

The USC Trojans won it.