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As far as I know, the modern Olympics have never been abolished. There have been times when teams or countries boycotted, but the Olympics still continues on, year after year, as they have since 1896. But perhaps you are referring to ancient times: during the Roman Empire, Emperor Theodosius I (who was a Christian) decided the Olympics were too pagan, and he ordered them to be banned. That occurred in the year 393, and the ban lasted for more than 1500 years.

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Q: What date was the Olympics abolished?
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What date did ancient Olympics stop?

The Olympics were last celebrated in AD 393, and abolished for being un-Christian the following year.

When did the ancient Olympics end?

According to the site below, the exact date is unknown. The emperor Theodosius I legally abolished the games in 393 or 394 A.D.

Why were the ancient Olympics abolished?

because its such a hazard

Why did the Roman Olympics end?

There were not any Roman Olympics. The Romans did not hold the Olympics. The Olympics were Greek games. They continued during Roman rule in Greece. It is not certain when the games were abolished. One hypothesis is that they were abolished in 393 AD by the emperor Theodosius I, a Christian Roman emperor who banned pagan practices. He would have regarded the Olympics as a pagan practice. Another hypothesis is that they were abolished in in 426 AD by Theodosius II, an emperor who ordered the destruction of all Greek temples.

Who abolished the ancient Olympics?

theodosius did in 393 or 394 A.D.

After the Olympics were abolished when did the start again?


When is the date of the Olympics and what date did they finish?

the olympics start in july the 27th and ends in august

When did greek Olympics end?

The Olympian Games were abolished in 393 by the Christian Emperor Theodosios I.

What date was slavery abolished?

June 19, 1865

Should football manager interviews be abolished?

Absolutely, football as well and make this the last Olympics.

When and why did the Ancient Olympics stop?

The ancient Olympics were last celebrated in AD 393. They were abolished the following year by a decree of the Roman Emperor Theodosius, because they were un-Christian.

Why the ancient Olympics abolished?

They were very violent games, with a lot of naked men (no women nearby by law) and as ideas about conduct changed, the ancient Olympics lost popularity.

What date is the London 2012 Olympics going to start and end on?

the date that the Olympics that are going to end in August time

Where is this years winter Olympics and the date?

it is in london um im not sure what the date is though There is no Winter Olympics this year. The next Winter Olympics will be in 2014.

On what date were the first Olympics held?

April 6, 1896 1896 Summer Olympics, Start date

What date was slavery abolished in America?

1865 officially in the united states

What date are the winter 20 09 Olympics?

the Olympics are not in 2009 they are in 2010!! geez

What is the date of the Olympics?

The date of the OLYMPICS is on Summer 27 july to 12 august 2012 and the paralymics games it will be on : 29 august - september 2012

When was the last ancient Olympics held?

Last Ancient Olympics385 was the last recorded games but it is probable that the last games were in 393 (despite some speculation that the games were held for about 30 years after this date). The games were almost certainly banned in 394 by the Roman Emperor Theodosius I who abolished the Games, as part of a series of reforms against pagan practices.

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