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394 CE.

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Q: What date did the ancient Olympics end?
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What date is the London 2012 Olympics going to start and end on?

the date that the Olympics that are going to end in August time

What is the date of the first ancient Olympics?

776 BCE.

What date was the first ancient Olympics?

776 BCE.

Date Olympics end?

12 August

End date of Olympics?

August 12

When did the Olympics start and end?

In ancient times the Olympics started in 776BC and was ended in 394AD.

When is the end date of the London Olympics?

August 12

What is the date that the Olympics end this year?

Yesterday the 12

What date do the London Olympics end?

August 12

What date did the Ancient Olympics start?

776 B.C. it was started and recorded

What date did ancient Olympics start?

I am not sure when the actually date is but i know the year was 776 B.C.

What it the approximate date of when the Olympics started?

the Ancient olympics i think started on the 16th of June 776bc i am not sure of this answer

When did the Ancient Greek Olympics end?

celebrated until 393ad

When did the ancient Olympics end?

According to the site below, the exact date is unknown. The emperor Theodosius I legally abolished the games in 393 or 394 A.D.

What date does Olympics games end?

12th August 2012

What is the end date for the Olympic games in 2008?

The Olympics end on August 24th, 2008

What date do the Olympic games end?

The 2012 London Olympics end on the 12th of August

What is the approximate time period difference between end of ancient Olympics and start of modern Olympics?

1500 years

What date did the 1972 summer olympics end?

September 10, 1972.

Where Olympics games originate?

Conventionally, the ancient Olympic games began in 776 B.C., the origins of the ancient Olympics go back to a time that is not well-documented, and so the actual date of the first Olympics is disputed.

What date did the Olympics start?

The Olympics are split into two different eras. The ancient Olympics and the Modern games. The modern games started on April 6, 1806.

What date did ancient Olympics stop?

The Olympics were last celebrated in AD 393, and abolished for being un-Christian the following year.

How did the ancient Olympics honor Zeus?

The Ancient Greek Olympics

What date do the London 2012 Olympics end?

Closing Ceremonies are August 12th

What date do the 2012 Olympics end?

Closing ceremonies are scheduled for August 12.