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Geremi Njitap

Knankwo Kanu?

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Q: What current premier league footballer has won an olympic gold medal the premiership the European cup the super cup the uefa cup and the fa cup and been relegated from the premier league?
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Who is the current highest paid footballer?

Christiano Ronaldo

Which current Premiership team has been relegated the most?

I think it is West Brom Albion as it is called the yoyo club.

Who are the current premiership champions?

The current premiership champions are Manchester United.

Current premiership players who have won the European cup but they have not won the premiership?

hyypia, Carragher,Gerrard, Finnan etc. Liverpool players... /Qamyar

A current premiership footballer who has played for Chelsea arsenal and Barcelona?

Don't believe there is one. Chelsea and arsenal Ashley cole, anelka, gallas Chelsea and barca belletti, deco

Name a current premiership striker has played for clubs in 6 different countries who have all played in the champions league or European cup?

Nicolas Anelka?

What current premiership player has played under 16 premiership managers?

Shay given

Who is only current premiership player to play under 16 different premiership managers?

Shay Given

Current youngest premiership manager?

Roberto Martinez

Who is the world current and richest footballer in Africa?

The current richest African footballer is Drogba, of the Ivory coast who plays his club football at Chelsea.

Who is the current African richest footballer?

The African richest footballer , is the Cameroon striker Samuel Etoo.

Which Current premiership player scored in very division?

Steve finnan