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The 5 ex-players that are now managers in the premiership are: - Roy Keane @ Manchester United (now managing Sunderland) - Steve Bruce @ Manchester United (now managing Wigan) - Mark Hughes @ Manchester United (now managing Blackburn) - Gareth Southgate w/ England (now managing Middlesbrough) -David Moyes @ Preston North End during the 1990/1991 or 1991/1992 season (now managing Everton) "boo if you want, ya know im right!!!"

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Past and present managers, who have played in the same side as David Beckham, I can currently think of thirteen...

Steve Bruce at Man Utd (managed @Sunderland, Birmingham and others)

Roy Keane at Man Utd (managed @ Sunderland and Ipswich)

Paul Ince at Man Utd (managed @ Blackburn Rovers)

Mark Hughes at Man Utd (Man City, Blackburn Rovers, QPR and Fulham)

Gareth Southgate with England (Middlesboro)

David Moyes at Preston North End (Everton)

Stuart Pearce with England (Man City, England CT)

Bryan Robson at Man Utd (WBA, Middlesboro and others)

Tony Adams with England (Portsmouth, Wycombe)

Alan Shearer with England (Newcastle)

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer at Man Utd (Molde in Norway)

Laurent Blanc at Man Utd (Bordeaux, France)

Roberto Carlos at Real Madrid (FC Anzhi Makhachkala (in Russia))

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roy keane Gary Neville

ANOTHER ANSWERGary Neville is not a manager yet.

Mark Hughes, Steve Bruce

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hughes, Bruce, keane, southgate and david moyes they both played for Preston north end.

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have 8

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David Beckham has played under 6 managers

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Q: What current managers have played in the same team as david beckham?
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