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the premiership title and the champions league the premiership title and the champions league the premiership title and the champions league the premiership title and the champions league the premiership title and the champions league the premiership title and the champions league the premiership title and the champions league

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Q: What cups did Man U win in 2008?
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How many FA cups did MAN U win?

Manchester United have won the FA cup a record 11 times to date.

Who will win Ac Milan or Man U?

man u

Who will win today Man you or Birmingham?

Man u

How many trophies have Liverpool and Man Utd won?

18 premier league titles each Liverpool have won 7 fa cups 7 league cups 3 uefa cups and 5 European cups man u have won 11 fa cups 3 carlin cups 3 uefa cups so lfc have won 40 cups i think and man u have won 35 i think

Who is going to win to night man u or city?

yes man city are going to win tonight

Who would win a football match out of Chelsea or Man U?

Chelsea 3:0 Man U

Who will win fa cup?

Man u!

How do you unlock funky kong in Mario kart ds?

u have to win 3 cups

Will Manchester united win the league?

yes man u will win the league

Who will win man you or Liverpool in a football match?

Man U obviously they have doot

Manchester United to win the EPL?

i think my team will win and i am a man u player

Did man city win last night?

if u are talking about 13.5.2012 then yes they did win

Who will win 2010 premiship?

Chelsea will win with man u 2 points from them with 1 game to.

Who won premier league in 2008?

man u

Who was the top football scorer in 2008?

man u

How do you get the old man to confess hes bosho on poptropica?

u have to win against a sumo wrestler and !!WIN!!

Which English club has won more cups?

Liverpool but Man u is the best ever

How do you unlock the characters in sonic and Sega all stars?

u need to win the cups then u have 2 beat the person that Ur about to unlock i dont no this 100%

Who will win Man United or Arsenal?

This is a subjective question. Supporter of Man U will say that Man U will win. This goes same to the latter. There is not much of a difference. However, judging by overall performance, Man United stands a higher chance of winning.

Who will win the prem?

Chelsea because Arsenal beat Man U and Chelsea will beat Man U so ha

The best world football club 2008?

This question calls for an opinion and opinions differ. Do not remove answers simply because you disagree with them.2008 well i think Chelsea not man u or Liverpool or arsenal they all are rubbish in their own way man u win everything because they have got sir Alex as their manger and Liverpool only have Torres and Gerard who play properly and arsenal well i have to say dream on arsenal you will never win it again ( Premier league

First English team to win the European cup?

man u 1968

Will Man U win the UEFA Champs league?

im sikik yes

Will arsenal win the prem?

yes maybe if man u los to chelsea..

What percent of 112.5 is 28.6?

i think man u will win the league they have had a solid season