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yo mum

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Q: What criteria is used in picking teams for Olympic games?
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How many baseball teams compete in the Olympic Games tournament?

Eight teams.

What teams are in the 2010 Winter Olympics?

There are 91 teams in the 2010 winter Olympic games.

How many teams are in the Winter Olympics 2010?

there are 91 teams in the 2010 winter olympic games

How many combinations are there of picking 13 winning football teams from 13 football games involving 2 teams?

uuty757575757 uuty757575757

When and where was the first Olympic Games hosting at?

The 1st modern olympic games were held in Athens, Greece in 1896. 14 teams participated in 43 events.

Why did Jimmy Carter stop the 1976 Olympic Teams?

He didn't, he stopped the 1980 Olympic team by boycotting the Moscow Games.

What 2 football teams want to buy the Olympic stadium when the Olympic games are over?

I think it's Tottenham and Chelsea.

How many medals did the US teams win at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games?


Who was a member of Canada's National and Olympic basketball teams and took part in the 1976 and 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games?

mike Jones

How did Olympic hockey start?

Field hockey was introduced at the Summer Olympic Games as a men's competition at the 1908 Games in London with six teams. Ice hockey first became an Olympic sport at the 1920 Summer Olympic Games in Antwerp. Canada won the first gold medal in Olympic ice hockey.

Which country won the 1976 oylimpic games?

The Olympic Games are not won by a country, individual athletes and teams win competitions.

How many players particapte in London olympic 2012?

Sport brings the world together and over 14,000 athletes from 205 Olympic teams and 170 Paralympic teams will be competing at the London 2012 Games.