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ricky ponting

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Q: What cricketer has captained australia the most tests?
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Who is the most famous cricketer in Australia?

Probably, Shane Warne.

Which cricketer has played the most successive Tests without missing one?

Rahul Dravid from India

What year did Liz Ellis debut?

She deputed her national (Australia) in 1992 and captained the team from 2003-2007. She is the most capped national player. Cheers

Which cricketer played most no of tests without any duck test career?

I think Sunil gavaskar of india have no duks in all of his test carrier

Which player has captained his national football team the most?


Who is the best cricketer in the whole world?

Sachin Tendulkar.. a complete cricketer. Having 44.83 average in odi... 54 average in tests and 200 international wicket 100 centuries ( Most in international cricket) 145 fifties ( Most in international cricket) Highest of 200( not out) in odi (first person to score 200 in odi) 18426 runs in odi (most runs in odi cricket) 15837* runs in tests ( most runs in tests match) 4062+ fours in a carrer ( far ahead of second best)

Who has played the most test matches in rugby?

George Gregan played 139 Tests for Australia

Who is the Best cricketer of world which is declared by most of cricketer's autobiography?

sachin tendulkar

Which player held the captaincy in most world cup cricket matches?

Ricky Ponting of Australia has captained his team for the highest number of matches in world cup with 29 matches.

Which cricketer holds the record for being captain for the most number of ODI matches?

The record for the greatest number of matches played as captain in One Day Internationals is held by Ricky Ponting, who, as of March 2011, has captained 228 One Day Internationals.

Who has captained the welsh rugby team the most times?

Gethin Jenkins

Who captained England cricket test team on most occasions?

Michael Atherton, England's seventy-first Test captain, was the captain of England for 54 Tests - of which 13 were won, 21 were lost, and 20 were drawn.

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