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Uses PUMA bat.

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Q: What cricket equipment does Marcus north use?
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What are the equipment use in cricket?


Who is the inventor of knee pads and cricket gloves?

Cricket Clothing and Equipment is regulated by the Laws of Cricket. Cricket Clothing, known as Cricket Whites, or Flannels, is slightly loose fitting so as not to restrict players' movements. Use of protective equipment, such as helmets, gloves and pads, is also regulated.

How to use cricket ball?

go for cricket coaching first there they will teach you how to use a cricket ball

How do people use bat dropping?

they buy them from marcus

What body part does a cricket use to chrip?

what body part does a cricket use to chirp.

What is the term used in cricket for the person who remains behind the wickets?

A person directly behind the stumps (wicket is fairly ambiguous in cricket use) is normally defined as a wicketkeeper, even if they are not wearing any of the equipment or acting in the usual manner of one.

Did they use to play cricket in the 1600s?

no cricket was invented in the 1800s

Cricket information in Hindi?

Cricket is a outdoor game . In cricket there are 11 players . In cricket there are use bat, ball, and etc.

How do you use cricket in a sentence?

That wasn't cricket! The cricket tells the temperature. There was quite a sticky wicket in that last game of cricket.

What are the Uses of cricket bat?

the use of a cricket bat is to hit the ball whilst your playing cricket

What equipment does a Parasitologist use?

What equipment does a Parasitologist use

Can you use iPhone with cricket?


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