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I have no idea that's what I'm trying to find out

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Q: What cream is served with strawberries at Wimbledon?
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What food is served at Wimbledon?

It is famous for expensive strawberries and cream.

What is the traditional dish served at Wimbledon?


What is served as tradition at Wimbledon?

Most people accept Strawberries and Cream as the traditional food for Wimbledon.

What is eaten with cream at Wimbledon?

strawberries :)

What is Wimbledon's traditional dish?

strawberries and cream

What can you eat when you do to watch tennis at Wimbledon?

Strawberries and cream.

Which food do the people traditionally eat at Wimbledon?

strawberries and cream

Which dish is associated with the Wimbledon tennis tournament?

strawberries and cream

What food is famous for being eaten at Wimbledon?

Strawberries and cream

What is a traditional snack served at Wimbledon?

strawberries u dumb sh*t

What tennis tournament is famous for strawberries and cream and it's central court?


How much do strawberries and cream cost at Wimbledon tennis?

£2.25 per bowl

What is the official food served at Wimbledon each year?

strawberries, or some say strawberry shortcake

What are the traditional snacks at Wimbledon?

Strawberry's and Cream 56,000 lbs of kent strawberries and 14,000 pints of cream are sold during this seasonal sport

How are strawberries and cream linked with tennis?

The idea of eating strawberries and cream at tennis originated from the Wimbledon Championships, they have been serving strawberries and cream at The Championships for years. Other events and venues may have latched onto this tradition and adapted it but, Wimbledon is where the association comes from, it is now possible that they have become a symbol of not just Wimbledon but of tennis global, as Wimbledon is regarded as the most prestigious tennis competition on the world stage as The Championships have been going at The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club since 1877.

What summer fruit is served with cream?

Almost all summer fruits go well with cream. The classic coupling is with strawberries.

What is the food severed to the Wimbledon bbg?

you have 4 full meals a day to keep you going and have off-cast strawberries and cream twice a day.

What do you eat strawberries with?

I eat strawberries and whipped cream with it :)

What is the origin of strawberries?

Strawberries were cultivated by the Romans as early as 200 BC and in mediaeval times strawberries were regarded as an aphrodisiac and a soup made of strawberries, borage and soured cream was traditionally served to newly-weds at their wedding breakfast.

What food do people traditionally eat at Wimbledon?


What food is associated with the tennis tournament in Wimbledon?


Which fruit is used in the dessert eton mess traditionally served at eton college?

Strawberries are usually and traditionally served. In an Eton Mess, there is also meringue and cream on top.

How many strawberries are eaten at Wimbledon tennis each year?


What can you eat with whipped cream?


How many calories has strawberries with cream?

it depends on the cream and how much your eating.