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Tiger Woods took more than one course at Stanford University. He majored in economics and was sent to Stanford on a Golf scholarship.

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Q: What course did Tiger woods take at Stanford University?
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Tiger Woods education?

Tiger Woods completed two years of an Economic Degree at Stanford University

Where did Tiger Woods go to school at?

Tiger Woods went to college at Stanford University but left after two years to join the professional golf tour. In college, his studies were concentrated in Economics.

What school did tiger woods use to go?

he went to Stanford university

What did Tiger Woods major in at Stanford?

No he didn't he went 1 or 2 years then he he went straight to the pros (PGA)

Where did Tiger Woods attend college?

Tiger attended Stanford.

How long did tiger woods attend Stanford?

He began Stanford in 1994.

Where was Tiger Woods educated?

He attended Stanford University for 2 years, he left in 1996 to become a professional golfer.

What colege did Tiger Woods go to?


Did Tiger Woods have a child while at Stanford?


What did Tiger Woods do after university?

He went to college at Stanford University but only stayed for two years. He left to join the professional golf tour.

How was Tiger Woods educated?

Tiger Woods attended the Unversity of Stanford, on a golf scholarship. He majored in economics.

Did Tiger Woods get a scholarship to Stanford?

no because he was to ugly