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No county has lost three All-Ireland Hurling finals in a row. Lots have lost two in a row, but no county has lost three in a row.

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Q: What county lost 3 in a row Hurling All Irelands?
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What county lost 3 all irelands in a row?

Galway lost the All-Ireland Football finals of 1940, 1941 and 1942. No county has lost three All-Ireland Hurling finals in a row.

Who won the most all-irelands?

Kerry in football. Kilkenny in hurling.

How many all irelands have monaghan won?

Monaghan have never won the All-Ireland Senior Football or Hurling titles.

What County won 2 All Irelands back to back?

Many counties have won back to back All-Irelands. Football: Kerry Dublin Galway Meath Cork Wexford Cavan Down Kildare Tipperary Mayo Roscommon Hurling: Cork Kilkenny Tipperary Wexford Galway

How many All Irelands has Cork won?

Thirty seven Senior All Ireland titles, thirty hurling and seven football

How many times has Kilkenny lost the the Hurling All Ireland?

As of the end of the 2014 All-Ireland Hurling championship, Kilkenny have lost 26 All-Ireland finals.

Which county won the 2007 all Ireland in Irish hurling?

Kilkenny won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship in 2007.

How many all Ireland hurling finals did tipperary lose?

Tipperary have lost 11 All-Ireland Senior Hurling finals.

How many hurling all Irelands have Kerry won?

Kerry have one All-Ireland Senior Hurling title, which they won in 1891. At that time counties were represented by clubs, and the Kerry Club BallyDuff beat the Wexford Club Crossbeg.

Who won the most under 21 all irelands?

Kilkenny and Cork both have 11 Hurling titles. Cork have 11 football titles.

Which county won most All Ireland titles?

As of the end of the 2014 All-Ireland Finals, which are played in September: Kerry have 35 senior Football titles, the highest of any county. Kilkenny have 35 senior Hurling titles, the highest of any county. If you add senior Hurling and senior Football titles together, then Kerry have 38. Senior is the most important age category, but there are a number of others. If you add wins in all of them together, then Cork have the most All-Irelands overall.

Where was the first all Ireland hurling final played?

In Birr, county Offaly.

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