What county did Brian Lara play for?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Brian Lara played for the West Indies.

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Q: What county did Brian Lara play for?
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What cricket team does Brian Lara play for?

brian Lara plays for west indies

What is the birth name of Brian Lara?

Brian Lara's birth name is Brian Charles Lara.

Which Indian premier league team does Brian Lara play for?

As of now - None. Lara is not signed up to play for IPL as of 2010

Where is Brian Lara form?

Brian Lara is from the West Indees.

When did Lara play his last Test?

Brian Lara played his last test against Pakistan in 2006 on 27th of November.

What is Brian Lara's birthday?

Brian Lara was born on May 2, 1969.

When did Brian Lara Cricket happen?

Brian Lara Cricket happened in 1994.

When was Brian Lara Cricket created?

Brian Lara Cricket was created in 1995.

Which one is best Brian Lara cricket 2005 or 2007?

Brian Lara 2007

When did Brian Lara retire?

Brian Lara retired right after the 2007 world cup

What is Brian Lara contribution to Trinidad and tobago?

BRIAN lara contribution to trinidad and tobago

What actors and actresses appeared in Brian Lara Cricket - 1999?

The cast of Brian Lara Cricket - 1999 includes: Geoffrey Boycott as Himself - Commentator Brian Lara as himself