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Canada. Lacrosse in Canada is like Baseball in America.

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Q: What country is the sport lacrosse played the most?
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What sport do you like the most and why?

lacrosse because jeus played it

Is lacrosse the most popular sport in Maryland?

no. jousting is the most popular sport.

Where online can you learn about sports the native Cree played?

The sport most native peoples play is called lacrosse. Google lacrosse and you will get your info that you are looking for.

What is the most not popular sport?

The least played sport around the US is probably lacrosse (still played alot though) But its just that rugby is played alot too possibly so I might be wrong. Please question me again if you want to know what Lacrosse is.

What is the most popular sport in 1999?


Is lacrosse the most famous sport in the world?


What is Connecticut's most popular sport?


What countries is lacrosse most famous in?

Lacrosse is most popular in Canada than any other country. Indoor lacrosse is played mostly in Canada, because it is so cold.

What is Canada's national sports?

Lacrosse is Canada's official national summer sport. Ice hockey is the official national winter sport (and also its most popular with spectators, and the one with which Canada has the most international success). Association football boasts the largest player base in the country, although very little professional and spectator attention. Both the Canadian and American football codes have strong popularity as spectator sports. Baseball has a long history in the country.

What was the most common ancient Chinese sport?


What is the most popular sport in Montreal?

Hockey or Lacrosse

What is the most played sport in SouthAfrica?

The most played sport is soccer, with the country currently hosting the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

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