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Most of the top players have come from Russia.

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Q: What country is the best chess players in the world?
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Who is the best country at chess in the world?

DO you mean which country has the best chess players? If so, the answer is Russia

How did Bobby Fischer become famous?

Bobby Fischer became famous as a chess grandmaster. Bobby Fischer was the eleventh World chess champion and is widely regarded by chess critics as one of the best chess players ever.

Who are the best chess players?

AnswerThe best chess players consist of world champions and grandmasters Here is how i would rank them:1) Bobby Fischer and Capablaca2) Kasparov and Lasker3) Alekine4) Tal5) Morphy6) Karpov7) Spassky8) Zukertort9) Steinitz10) Anand

What is the best game to play on the internet?

Chess and Poker are the best games to play on Internet. You can find number of online players of chess and poker on Internet.

Who is Levon Aronian?

Levon Aronian is an Amernia Chess Grandmaster. He is considered the one of the best players as of 2012. He is currently ranked second in the world.

Who won the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1979?

Saeed Jaffrey for the film The Chess Players

Who was the best chess player of all time?

Gary Kasparov may very well be the best chess player the world will ever see .

How do you beat everybody in chess?

Not even the best chess players of all time were able to "beat everybody." If you want to improve your game, read up on the chess openings. Your local library should have a few such books.

What country was Diego maradona born in?

Diego marsdona was one of the best players in the world he was born in Argentina.

What has the author Samuel Reshevsky written?

Samuel Reshevsky has written: 'Reshevsky on the Fischer-Spassky games for the world championship of chess' -- subject(s): Chess, Tournaments, 1972 'Best Games of Chess' 'How chess games are won' -- subject(s): Chess 'Art of Positional Play (Chess)' 'Reshevsky's best games of chess' -- subject(s): Chess

What is the best way of training to play chess?

A chess computer or online game is a good way to learn the moves. To improve, you should paly against players who are better than you are and observe how they try to beat you. After friendly games, players can point out to each other what their plans were and how they put them into practice.You can also read books and articles on chess tactics and strategy. There are chess problems and commentary in the US Chess Federation's monthly magazine, Chess Life.

What does Hannah miley do?

She is an international chess player, one of the best in the world.

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