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Greece in 776 BCE.

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Q: What country invented the Olympics games and in what year was it invented?
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Which country competed in the 2004 summer Olympics but has been banned from the current Olympic games?

The country Iraq was banned from the Olympics in the year of 2008.

What year did extreme sports first enter the Olympics?

Extreme sports never entered the Olympics that's why they invented the X games

What year was the Olympics invented?

i dont no

Why do the Olympics change location?

The Olympics change location for versatility. The International Olympic Committee believes the games are for everyone and shouldn't be in just country year after year.

Which city and country was this year olympic games?

The summer Olympics of 2012 were held in London, England.

How are sports added to the games?

every year the country that hold the Olympics get to chose a different sport

What year was the olympic games hosted in Romania?

No Olympics in Romania; the country is very poor and disorganised.

Have South Korea entered the Olympics every year?

South Korea has participated in every Olympics since 1948 (the year the country was founded), with the exception of the winter games in 1952 and the summer games in 1980.

What year was the interim Olympics held?

cross country. The answer makes no sense to me, sorry. (cross country is an event, not a year). The answer is : 1906, and the official term for them is "Intercalate Games".

Which country held the olympics?

In which year?

In what country did the olympics originate from?

The Olympics were originally invented Ancient Greece, with its city-states sending their best athletes to compete with one another in honor of Zeus every 4 years. The first games are said to have been held in the year 776 BC.

What country won most medals in modern Olympics and in what year?

USA at 1904 Games in St. Louis, USA

What year was board games invented?

Board games were invented in the year 5500 BC

What country hosted the Olympics?

This year it was London.

What year was the Olympics were he held in what country?


Where is the Olympics held all this year?

There are no Olympic games this year (2010). The next Olympics are in 2012

Which country started Olympics and in which year?

Greece started the Olympics in 776 BC

What country hosted the Olympics this year?

Rio, Brazil hosted the Olympics in 2016.

What are the commonwealth games called this year?

commonwealth games are called this year Olympics game

What country started the parade of countries at the olympic games this year and whyan?

Greece always starts the parade of countries at the Olympics.

In which country did the first olympic helded and which year?

First Olympic games were held in 1896 in Athens, Greece. That was Summer Olympics.

What country hosted the summer Olympics this year?


Does Mexico take part in the Olympics every year?

No country participates in the Olympics every year. They are held every 4 years, with the Winter Games being offset by 2 years from the Summer games. Most countries have gaps in their participation, even the US.

When was the Olympic torch invented?

Before 1896, the year of the first Olympics.

What year did the greek Olympics start?

they where invented in 776 BC nimrods!