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Q: What country hosted the World Cup soccer tournament held this year?
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Which country hosted soccer's championship tournament the world cup and which country one?

There are a few of Them Uruguay 1930, Italy. England, France, West Germany.

What country hosted the World Cup Tournament?

In 2010, it was South Africa.

What country hosted the first world cup in soccer?


What country hosted the 1994 Soccer World Cup?


What country hosted soccer's World Cup and what country won the World Cup in 2010?

Hosted by South Africa; won by Spain.

In what year was the first soccer World Cup?

The first FIFA World Cup tournament was held in 1930 and hosted by Uruguay.

Which country hosted the first ever Soccer World Cup?


Which country both hosted and won the first ever world cup tournament?


Which country hosted the 2002 soccer world cup?

The 2002 world cup was jointly hosted by Japan and South Korea.

Which country hosted the last world cup soccer?

South Africa hosted the men's in 2010. Germany hosted the women's in 2011.

What country has hosted cricket soccer and rugby world cups?

South Africa

Which country hosted the 1934 world cup?

Italy hosted the 1934 world cup. They won the tournament, and also went on to win the 1938 world cup in France.

What is the soccer World Cup?

The soccer world cup is a football tournament in which 32 countries qualify to find the best country in the world.

How many world cups have Korea republic soccer team won?

0 but they have hosted a finals tournament, in 2002, which was won by Brazil.

What country hosted the 2009 world cup of poker?

The 2009 tournament was held at the Atlantis Resort & Casino in the Bahamas.

Which is the only country which won the cricket world cup in the same year that it hosted the tournament?

Sril Lanka in 1996.

Which country was the host of the soccer world cup in 1982?

Spain hosted the 1982 world cup. Italy won it.

Which country hosted the last circkit world cup final?

India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka all co-hosted the tournament, with the final held in Mumbai, India.

What is the soccer tournament in the world called?

International Soccer (Football) World Cup

Who is the only host country that did not qualify for the second round of the world cup soccer tournament?

South Africa

Has Australia hosted the soccer world cup before?

No, Australia has never hosted the FIFA World Cup.

Who hosted the 1986 world cup soccer?


Who hosted the 1950 Soccer World Cup?


Which country hosted the 1978 world cup?

The country that hosted the 1978 World Cup is Argentina.

Which country hosted the 1990 World Cup?

The country that hosted the 1990 World Cup was Italy.