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It is Italy with four world cups.

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Q: What country has won the second most mens soccer world cups?
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Which country has won the most soccer world cups?

Brazil (5 world cups)

In men soccer what country has the most cups who is first second and third?

The top countries in the world of football are Brazil, Italy and Germany. In the first, second and third order.

What s the only country that has participated in all FIFA soccer world cups?

Brazil with France being second

How many world cups have Madrid won for soccer?

Real Madrid can not win a world cup as they are a club and not a country.

What country has won the most world cups in men's soccer?

brazil, 5 times in all

Which country won the most world cups in men soccer?

Beazil and Italy have both won it 5 times

Which small south American country has won 3 world cups and is home to the world renowned soccer player Diego forlan?


WHAT nation to qualify for all 16 soccer World Cups in the 20th century?

The South American giants Brazil are the only country to qualify for the 16 world cups that were ever held.

Which country has the men's current World Cup in soccer?

Brazil holds the record for most world cups won. and Italy hold the current world cup.

Highest number of world cup win by a team soccer?

The highest number of world cups a soccer team can win is never limited but the most recent world cups a team has won in soccer is 5.

Who is the best Soccer/Futbol player in the world?

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele, won three world cups for his country (Brazil).

Which soccer team has the most world cups?