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England has hosted all three. South Africa will join them when they host the football World Cup in 2010.

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Q: What country has hosted the cricket and rugby and football world cup?
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What country has hosted cricket soccer and rugby world cups?

South Africa

What three single sporting events get the highest attendance in the world?

football rugby cricket football rugby cricket

What sport is played in this country?

We play cricket, NRL (National Rugby League) and AFL (Australian Football league) mainly

Important welsh sport?

rugby football cricket

Sports in Great Britain?

Football, Rugby and Cricket.

What is englands main sport?


What sport do England play?

football /cricket / rugby/

National games of all countries?

Ireland : Gaelic football / hurling. England : Football(soccer) , cricket, Rugby. America : (American) Football - (Comes from Rugby), baseball (comes from cricket/rounders india -field hockey

What sport do they play australia?

Australian Rules Football (AFL), football, rugby, cricket

What country is rugby created?

Rugby football developed from a version of football played at Rugby School in England

What sport does Michael Morpurgo like?

football cricket and rugby

What sports does australia play?

they play football,cricket and rugby

What sport are Great Britain best at?

Football,Cricket or Rugby

When was King Country Rugby Football Union created?

King Country Rugby Football Union was created in 1922.

What country hosted the rugby world cup in 2007?


What is the Favourite sport in Britain?

The national sport in the country of England is cricket. The favorite sport of many residents is football and rugby is also popular.

What country hosted rugby this year?

If you refer to the RWC (Rugby World Cup) Then the hosts were New Zealand

What is the national sport of new caledonia?

cricket rugby football and swimming

What are the sports in Ireland?

rugby ,hurling, Gaelic football, soccer, cricket,

What sports did the Victorians play?


England popular sports?

Football, Rugby, Cricket, Netball, Hockey

What sports do the people of france play?

rugby, cricket, soccer (football)

What are the most popular hobbies in britten?

# football # rugby # golf # cricket

What three sports have the largest following in Britain?

Football, Rugby and Cricket

What is the three most popular sports in England?

Football, Rugby, Cricket

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