What country does the football player rivaldo come from?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: What country does the football player rivaldo come from?
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Where do the best football player come from?

Argentina and brazil

Where is Henrik larsson the football player come from?


What country does Football player Owen hargreaves come from?

Owen Hargreaves Is a Canadain born English man who spent most of his career in gGermany before signing for Manchester united football club.

Who is Maradona in football?

Diego Maradonna is the greatest soccer (football) player to come out of Argentina.

Which country does rapid vennia football club come from?


What country does the football team real Madrid come from?

Real Madrid come from Spain.

Which famous football player come from Madeira?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Country football team PSV Eindhoven come from?

The Netherlands, Eindhoven

If it's called football worldwide where did the name soccer come from?

In America it was called Association football. People combined association player to "aSOCCiation" playER"to "Soccer".

What is it takes to come football player?

Practice,patients,skill,height,and speed.

What country did the tallest player in the NBA come from?


What country do Liverpool fc come from?

The football club is based in Liverpool, England, but the players come from all over the world.