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They play in Serie A, the top league in Italy.

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Q: What country does inter milan play football in?
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Which football team play at san siro?

AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Where does inter Milan play?

Inter Milan plays in the Italian league (Serie A)

Did andrei kanchelski play for ac Milan or inter Milan?

No he did not play for either.

Did Ray Wilkins play for Inter Milan?

no, ac milan.

Were does acmilan play soccer?

In Milan at the same stadium as inter Milan.

Does ibrahimovic play inter Milan?

no he moved to AC Milan in 2011

For who das Ronaldinho play for?

Inter Milan

What league does inter milan play in?

They play for the Italian Serie A

What club does etto the soccer player play for?

Samuel Etoo the Cameroon footballer plays his club football with Inter Milan.

Who does lucio play for?

He plays for Inter Milan and Brazil.

Does Inter Milan and AC Milan have the same stadiums?

yes because they play soccer in that stadium and its AC Milan`s and Inter`s home. The stadium that they play is called San Siro

What team does eto'o play for in the World Cup?

Samuel Etoo plays his club football with Inter Milan and world cup for Cameroon.

What Team does adriano play for?

Adriano plays for Inter Milan.

What team does quaresma play for?

It is with Inter milan, could be on loan.

How much is an inter milan ticket to see them play?


Did Ronaldo play on Inter Milan?

No, he played on Sporting C.P, Manchester United F.C. and Real Madrid C.F. but not on Inter F.C.or A.C. Milan.

Did juan Sebastian veron play for inter Milan?

No, he has never played for Inter Milan, though he has played for other Italian teams such as Parma and Lazio.

Which Portsmouth player has gone to play for Inter Milan?

Sulley Muntari

Where did adriano play before inter milan?

He Played for Parma FC

Which Serie A club does striker Samuel Eto'o play for?

Inter milan

Who does Quaresma play for?

He was in the Chelsea squad but I believe he moved to Inter Milan

Does Luis Figo still play for Inter Milan or did he retire?


What football team does David Beckham play for?

David Beckham is currently under contract with LA Galaxy but on loan to Inter Milan. He also plays for England.

What Italian club did Mancini play for?

Inter Milan he was also club captain

Do ac Milan and inter Milan play in the same ground?

Yes. They both play in the San Siro. Inter Milan used to have their own stadium in the early 20th century but then started playing at the San Siro. There rivalry games now attract 80,000+.