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the united states

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Q: What country did football start in?
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What country did footballoriginate?

in which country did football start?

What country did football start?


When does college football fall camp start?

when does football fall practice start

What country is football played in?

Football is played in Australia

Which country is known as the country of football?


What single football club fielded a team for their country?

Barcelona is a football clubs that fielded a team for their country.

Which country was contemporary football first played in?

please answer the question : Which country was contemporary football first played in?

When in August 2010 does the football league start?

The football season of 2010 will start on the second Saturday in August.

Can you start as a country on football manager handheld 12?

yes but firstly you have to get a job for an international club an win a tournament with them to unlock the challenge

Is club football better or country football?

joe is amazing

When did football start in India?

football starts in India in1896

When was King Country Rugby Football Union created?

King Country Rugby Football Union was created in 1922.

When will football worldcup start?

football world cups are every 4 years which means it will start on 2014 on brazil :)

What was the first football club in Asia?

Gurung bhakundo maidan- Gurung fcit was the first football club in the whole world not only in Asia. Basically, football was firstly played in Nepal. Basically Gurung (one kind of tribes in Nepal) people used to play football of plastic putting some paper in it. And when Europe and American country visited Nepal they like this game very much and since they start playing it in their country. When this country's become very powerful and start saying it was first played in Eurpoe country. However, american says that they start playing football first.However, it was the Gurung people from Nepal who first played

When did the world start playing football?

When did the world start playing football I think that the world started playing football in the Tutor times they used a inflated pigs stomach.

Who first started football in the world?

who was the first person to start football

With which Football team did Wayne Rooney start his football career?


When did the American football start?

The National football league started in 1920.

What word beginning with the letter k means the start of a football game?

The start of a football game is known as the kick off.

Which country inverted soccer football?

The rules of football, or, more properly, association football, was created in 1863.

What is soccer's country of origin?

England is the country where football originated.

In what country did Flag Football start?

it started in BrazilAnswerit started in Brazil

Which is the francophone country that had teams at the 2006 football FIFA World Cup finals?

Well, France, for a start, but also Cote D'Ivoire, Switzerland and Togo.

When did aguero start playing football in Manchester city football club?


What football league did vince McMahon start?

XFL - Xtreme Football League XFL - Xtreme Football League