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Iran have not provided any athletes this year

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Q: What countries have the most and the fewest Olympic athletes this year?
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When did the us Olympic committee start giving cash awards with medals?

it doesn't...but most countries reward their own athletes.

How many American athletes are competing in the 2008 summer Olympic games?

According to the 2008 Olympics Opening parade stats, USA has 647 athletes so USA has the most athletes thus far of all the countries.

Do athletes get money for winning at the Olympics?

Most Olympic athletes do not get paid for winning at the Olympics. Many of the countries will pay the travel expenses of the athletes. Most athletes are sponsored and will receive bonus money from the sponsors for doing well or medaling at the Olympics. For more information, please refer to the related link.

What university has the most Olympic athletes in London?

University of Oklahoma

Who has Most olympic medals for Jewish athletes?

Michael phelps

Which US state has the most olympic athletes 2012?


Which continent has fewest number of countries?

South America has the fewest amount of countries at just 13. On the other hand, Africa has the most at nearly 50.

Which continent has fewest of number countries?

South America has the fewest amount of countries at just 13. On the other hand, Africa has the most at nearly 50.

What country has the most olympic athletes?

The country with the most athletes is Great Britain with 558 athletes.The country with the second most athletes is the United States of America, with 529 athletes.The country with the third most athletes is Russia with 448 athletes.

How much do Olympic participants make?

Other than the IOC members, security and organizers, most local olympic help is volunteer and they aren't paid except for maybe a jacket. The athletes are not paid for their participation. Some countries provide rewards for their athletes that earn medals.

How long does it take for Olympic athletes to run a marathon?

Most athletes can run it in about 2 hrs 10 min

Who is the most Olympic gold medals over career for an athletes is?

Michael Phelps

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