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Q: What countries have red and blue flags and play soccer?
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Can you name which countries play soccer?

About 252 countries play soccer. So..yeah..all the European countries and North America.

What countries have no red white and blue in there flags?

Italy play in blue (flag is green, white and red) Germany play in white (flag is black, red and yellow) Northern Ireland play in green (flag in white and red)

Do people everywhere in the world play soccer?

A lot of countries play soccer but not necessarily all.

How many counties is soccer played in?

207 countries play soccer

What countries play and excel at soccer?


What countries is soccer played in?

As it is a very popular sport all countries in the world play soccer.

What kind of sports do spanish speaking countries play?

One popular sport that Spanish speaking countries play is soccer. Soccer is more popular in those countries than in the United States.

What is the population in other countries that play soccer?


What countries do not play soccer?

Papua New Guinea

How many soccer in the world?

Officially 206 countries play competitive soccer in the world

Which countries play soccer?

All but poorer nations play with different balls

Which countries play the most soccer?

It could be Brazil or England.