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When a pitcher pitches every pitch for his team in an official game.

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Q: What constitutes a complete game in baseball?
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What is a complete game in baseball?

When a starting pitcher pitches a game from start to finish he is credited a complete game.

What constitutes a come from behind win in baseball?

When the team that is behind in the score and they come back to win the game

Complete game baseball?

It looks like you're asking what a complete baseball game is. A full game is played in 9 innings, considering there is no tie, but during bad weather or any other phenomenon that may end a game early, a game is considered a complete game after the 5th inning and the score is final if ended from then on.

What does Cg mean in baseball?

Complete Game. When a pitcher starts and finishes the same game.

How many out make a complete inning?

6 outs make a complete inning in a baseball game.

What is a complete game in High School baseball?

7 innings.

What does CG mean in baseball stats?

CG=Complete Game

What constitutes a catch in baseball?


What constitutes a specified population?

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What is considered a complete game pitched in baseball?

It's pretty simple really - a pitcher is credited with a complete game if he is the only pitcher for his team in an official game. There is some argument as to whether a pitcher would be credited with a complete game if say, the starting pitcher didn't get any outs, then a reliever came in and finished the game. He got all the outs in the game - so did he get a complete game? Semantics, semantics...

How many innings for a major league baseball game to be considered complete?


What is the least number of innings for a complete baseball game?

In MLB, the team that is behind must have at least five full at bats for a baseball game to be considered complete. If the home team is ahead, the game must go 4 1/2 innings. If the home team is behind, the game must go 5 innings.

What are 3 examples of a complete subject in a sentence?

Sally ate an apple. Sally is the complete subject. My brother has a baseball game. My brother is the complete subject. She has four teddy bears. She is the complete subject.

How many innings must be played in the World Series to make a complete baseball game?


In a MLB baseball game if a pitcher pitches 9.0 innings and it the score is 0-0 going into extra innings does he get a complete game and shutout?

No, only if he completes the game does he get credit for a complete game. He also gets credit for a shutout only if he completes the game without allowing a run, if other pitchers complete the game without allowing any runs, it is a shared shutout which is not an official statistic.

What was babe's greatest contribution to baseball?

Ruth made a major contribution, pitching a 14-inning complete-game victory in Game Two.

What happens if a baseball game is rained out?

If the game does not have enough innings to be considered a complete game (4 innings) than the game is post poned to a different day. The game picks up where it left off.

Is a perfect game in baseball 300?

No. A perfect game is when a pitcher of one team, throws a complete game, without the other team being walked, or getting a single hit. there have only been 21 in the past 387,000 baseball games.

What were the lowest pitch counts in a complete game in baseball history?

I dont know who it was, but the pitch count was 58.

How many innings must be played for a major league baseball game to be considered complete?

9 innings

How do you get the last mini game on Mario superstar baseball?

complete all mini games on star difficulty

If a baseball game is stop due to bad playing conditions is it a suspended game or a called game?

it depends on what inning the game is in if its after the 5th inning then its considered a complete game and they call it but if its before the 5th inning then they'll suspend it

Has an American baseball game ended in a tie 0-0?

Yes, baseball games can end in a tie. After the 5th inning a baseball game is considered a complete game. If weather causes a game to end or it is getting far too late in the evening to finish, the game will end. If it is tied, they will replay the game at another time, usually added to a later game's schedule, turning that day's event into a double-header.

What is the shortest baseball game out of the nine inning length?

If you're talking about how short a baseball game can be "out of" 9 innings, then a complete game is recorded at the end of the 5th inning. If you're talking about what is the shortest 9 inning game to be played in length of time, I don't know. =-(