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USC---109 in all sports....

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2008-12-30 20:17:03
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Q: What conference has the most total college titles in all sports?
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What ncaa conference has the most national titles total for all sports?

PAC 10, by far

How many sec conference titles has Arkansas won?

Arkansas has won 6 in the sec but in there old conference they won 4 wich brings a total of 10 conference titles.

How many total national titles does the University of Kentucky have in all sports?


How many championships have the Portland Trail Blazers won?

4 total:1 NBA championship and 3 conference titles

What school has the greatest all-time football team?

#1 Michigan - 11 NC titles, 40+ Conference titles 1947 Michigan team considered one of the greatest of all time. #2 Notre Dame - 11 NC Titles No Conference 7 Heisman winners 1947 Notre dame team considered one of the greatest teams of all time. #3 USC - 11 NC Titles 35+ Conference titles, 7 Heisman winners #4 Ohio State - 7 NC Titles, 35 Conference Titles, 7 Heisman winners, 36 total award winners, 178 All Americans. #5 Oklahoma - 10 NC Titles, 3 Heisman winners 26 total award winners. #6 Alabama - 12 NC Titles.

How many NCAA sports titles does Duke University have?

12 total (4 in men's basketball).

How many conference titles have the Green Bay Packers won?

They have won a total of 9 conference championships. Six were won in the NFL Western Conference in 1960, 1961, 1962, 1965, 1966, and 1967. Three were won in the NFC in 1996, 1997,and 2010.

Who has win the most spl titles?

rangers 7 premier titles 54 titles in total celtic 6 premier titles 42 titles in total

Which college has the most total national championships in all sports mens and womens?


Do individual NCAA titles count in total for total NCAA titles?


How many teams make it into the playoffs?

NBA- 8 from each conference/16 total NFL - 6 from each conference/12 total NHL - 8 from each conference/16 total

How many major league sports titles does Boston have?

The Patriots have three. The Red Sox have six. The Celtics have 17. The Bruins have 6. For a grand total of 32.

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