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He was bay.

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Q: What colour was Makybe Diva's first foal?
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Is makybe diva dead?

Makybe divas still alive, she should be due this year to give birth to her fifth foal

Has makybe diva had a foal yet?

yes, a colt and it was sold for 1.5 million by Trainer Danny O'Brien

What colour of foal would you get if you bred a black stallion to a palomino mare?

there is no way of knowing what colour of foal a black stallion and a palomino mare would make as they could have a cremello foal for all we know

What foal will you get when you mix black and chestnut on Howrse?

The colour of a foal dpends on the colour genotypes of the parents. A horse has dominant and recessive colour genes. The mix of these in the parents is what determines the colour of the foal. The coat is not always an indication of the colour genes that a horse has. In some breeds, certain colour genes have become established and dominant, such as in the chestnut Suffolk Punch draft horse.

Can a chestnut mare breed to a buckskin stallion produce a buckskin foal?

Whatever colour either of the parents are the foal could be, and it could just be any random colour, but the most common is the colour of either of the parents.

If a black horse and a chestnut horse bred together what colour would the foal be?

You would get a Black Foal since the coat colour Black is more dominent than Chestnut!

When did Ginger Gold Have her Foal?

She had her first foal in 2006.

What colour is a zebra when it is born?

A new-born zebra foal is brown and white.

What do horses do when they have a baby?

the mares first lick the foal clean, then the foal will eventually try to stand up. during the first day, the mare and foal will bond.

What color foal will you get if both parents are grey?

Depends, what colour where the parent's sire and dam? It would most likely be a grey colour.

On Howrse you have bred your mare how do you kno what colour it will be?

Answer: You have to get a ultrasound when the mare has carried the foal for 8 months.

What color will the foal be out of a black stallion breed to a palomino mare?

You cannot predict this. However studies show that the colour of the mare is often more dominant and the gene will be passed on to the foal.

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