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They have red and white jersey's!!!

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Q: What colour shirts do Manchester united have?
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What colour jersey do Manchester United wear?

Manchester United usually wear red shirts for their home games (hence their nickname the Red Devils) but for away games they currently wear white shirts.

What is one store that sells at least one style of Manchester United shirt?

The store that will sell all types of Manchester United shirts that are currently available is the store that is attached to the actual Manchester United stadium in Manchester itself. Other stores will sell some of the more popular shirts.

What is Manchester United's team colors?

The shirts are red with a black V on the front.

What colour are Manchester united in football?

If you refer to their strip its a red top and white shorts

Where can you get good t-shirts in Manchester?

Urbanstreetz Hip Hop Store 35 Oldham Street, Greater Manchester, Manchester M1 1JG, United Kingdom +44 161 833 9729 ‎

Who sells the most soccer shirts?

Manchester United sell the most replica kits of any soccer club in the world.

What is ceallach spellmans favourite colour?

bue he says its blue on twitcam and he says it is cos his football team is manchester united and they are blue ^*manchester city

Who is a better team Manchester City or Manchester United?

manchester united

Who is the likely winner Manchester United or Manchester city?

Manchester United !!

Where is Manchester United from?

Manchester United Football Club is from the city of Manchester in England.

Who won the English Premiership the last 10 years?

2000 - Manchester United 2001 - Manchester United 2002 - Arsenal 2003 - Manchester United 2004 - Arsenal 2005 - Chelsea 2006 - Chelsea 2007 - Manchester United 2008 - Manchester United 2009 - Manchester United 2010 - Chelsea/Manchester United

In the Carling Cup Semi Final why were the Manchester united supporters wearing green and yellow scarfs?

It's the old colour's for Man utd, people are buying them to try to get Manchester united owners out and new ones in!

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