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Q: What colour is the cue ball?
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In snooker what colour is the cue ball?


How points are awarded when the cue ball goes in off a colour?

If the cue ball goes in off the yellow, green or brown there are 4 penalty points. If the cue ball goes in off the blue there are 5 penalty points. If the cue ball goes in off the pink there are 6 penalty points. If the cue ball goes in off the black there are 7 penalty points.

What color is the cue ball in pool?

The cue ball is white.The cue ball in pool is white.

In the game of pool what colour is the cue ball?

White ADD: Again a basic answer that is technically incorrect. The cue ball just needs to be identifiable from the other balls. The cue ball is the ball that you strike with your cue stick. In many games the cue ball will change during the game. Also, with the advent of "larger" cue balls in coin operated tables at pubs, many players will use one of the like sized and weighted balls from the playing set rather than the white cue ball.

In a game of pool what is the colour of the cue ball?

Well the cue ball is suppose to be white but when you hit it many times with the pool stick it starts turning blue from the chalk on your stick.

What color is the cue ball in billiards?

cue ball = white ball

How do you legally jump the cue ball?

There are two kinds of cue ball jumps, one immediately after the cue strikes the cue ball and one where the cue ball jumps after contact with another object. A legal stroke to jump a cue ball immediately must strike the cue ball above center - this drives the cue ball into the table surface from which it rebounds. Strking the cue ball below center to lift the ball intentionally is called a scoop shot and is a foul. A cue ball can be made to jump after hitting a rail by using extreme draw or follow.

Can you get breast cancer from a cue ball?

You can not get breast cancer from a cue ball.

What is the white ball called in game of billiards?

The cue ball. Or just the white ball.

Is there a cue ball cover?

No, but many people do carry a cue ball in their cue case. There are drawstring bags that can be purchased from toy stores and craft shops that work well for protecting the cue ball.

What is cue in snooker?

Makes no sense grammatically. The white ball is the cue ball in snooker.

What are Cue Ball good for in Mafia Wars?

Cue ball is part of the Billiard ball collection in New York.

What happens when you sink the object ball and the cue ball?

The person who sunk the cue ball and the eight ball off the break loses.

What is the difference between cue balls and billards balls?

There is no difference between the cue ball and billiard ball except that the cue ball is white and without significant markings.

What is cue ball tracker?

Ball grabber

When was Cue Ball Cat created?

Cue Ball Cat was created on 1950-11-25.

What do you use to hit the cue ball in snooker?

a cue stick

Which sport uses the cue?

Billiards uses a cue ball.

How many colour balls are there in a standard game of pool?

8 Solid + 7 Stripped + 1 Cue Ball = 16

What is terminology for a cue ball spinning back after it has hit another ball?

I believe what you're talking about is a draw shot. It is when the player aims lower than the center of the cue ball with his cue tip. When the cue ball is struck below center, it generates a backward spin. When hit, the cue ball is spinning backward and skipping across the felt to the object ball. The cue ball strikes the object ball and because its momentum stops, the ball catches traction and rolls backwards.

What will be the force exerted on the cue stick by the cue ball?

Depends on how hard you hit the cue ball. It is only limited by the maximum a human can stroke the cue ball with a cue stick. Pros say optimum break speed is around 17 miles per hour cue ball speed. Max is much faster than that.

If the cue stick strikes the 0.23-kg cue ball with a force of 1.7 N what will be the acceleration of the cue ball?

7.4 m/s2

What will be the acceleration of the cue ball if the cue stick strikes the 0.18-kg cue ball with a force of 1.2 N?

6.7 m/s2

What is a cue in pool?

The cue stick is used to strike the balls. The cue ball used by the players to hit the other balls is the white ball. It is the one they hit with the cue stick.

What kind of cue ball is used for a coin operated American pool table?

It most likely uses the magnetic cue ball and this should be tried first. If it is not captured, this is the correct cue ball. If it is captured, the table will require using the oversize cue ball.