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Predominantly white

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2013-05-05 05:39:04
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Q: What colour does the umpire wear in a netball game?
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Why do you have to wear a band around your wrist whilst you umpire netball?

At most levels it is not compulsory to wear a white wristband.

Which colour shirt dose an umpire wear in IPL matches?


Can you wear beads in your hair when playing netball?

No you cant wear beads in your hair in a game of netball for safety.

What does a netball umpire wear?

usually a breathable skirt or shorts, either a shirt that is given to you by the association or your own shirt, jogger or runners ( A MUST!) and of course your whistle.

What do the umpires where in netball?

they would normally wear white clothing with sunglasses if they are umpireing out side.The best way to tell if someone is an umpire is by seeing if they are wearing a club shirt or not.

Why do netball girls have to wear skirts?

Skirts really help in netball, because they keep you cooler than shorts when you're running around, and if you wear matching underwear you don't have to be shy about showing them when you jump. I always wear a skirt and netball underwear when I'm practising, and my game's really improved.

Why do badminton umpire wear these clothes?

because it highlights that they are in charge of the game . It also makes them stand out from the players!

What are netball knickers?

They're knickers that you wear under your netball skirt, the same colour as your skirt to match. They're very full, covering all your bottom, and they have a high waistband and are low-cut in the leg.

What clothes should you wear for playing netball?

netball uniform

Do men have to wear skirts or dresses to play netball?

Most of the time they wear shorts instead but it would be funny to see a boy wear a netball dress playing netball

What do netball players wear while on court?

we wear clothes like skirts and top and netball shoes

What do you wear in netball?

In netball you wear skorts(skirt with shorts underneath), a t-shirt and your bib over the top.

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