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Q: What color would a green tennis ball appear in white light?
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What color does white light minus green light appear?


What color would a cucumber appear in green light white light and red light?

Green light - Green, White light - Green, Red light - Black

What color does a green leaf appear to be in red light?


What color of light is reflected by chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll reflects the green portion of the visible light spectrum, this is why most plants appear green in color

Why do leaves appear green in the light?

Chlorophyll also it reflects every color but green

What color will appear if you add green light to red and blue lights?


If you shine a green light on a green plant the plant will appear what color?

A green plant appears green in white light (which contains all colors of light) because it reflects the green light. If you shine green light on a green plant, it will still reflect that green light and appear green.the reason for this is the green leaves reflect the color green and absorb every other color. so it wont realy matter if you shine a green light n a green plant or normal light on a green plant

In green light what color would the red apple appear?


What color does a green apple appear in a red light?

it would appear black . "i no because i tryed it "

What color is tennis ball?

Most tennis balls are light green with grey lines on.But it can be different colours like orange or light purple.

If a green light is shining on a green plant in a red pot what color would the green plant appear to be?


What color would a red object appear to be if you shone only green light on it?

it would appear black.

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