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Q: What color was the Green Monster before 1947?
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What year did the green monster turn green?

It was painted green in 1947 when Ted Williams complained about the ads that were on it

Who named the left field wall The Green Monster at Fenway Park?

it was 1947 when it called the green monster

When did they call fen way park Green Monster and why?

They called it the green monster in 1947 It originally had advertisements on the wall but then they were banished then it got its name the green monster

When was the wall at Fenway first called the Green Monster?

Prior to 1947, the left field wall was covered in advertisements. The Green Monster was born in 1947 when the advertisements were painted over with green paint.

What year were the Coke bottles added over the Green Monster?

The advertisements on the wall were painted over with green paint for the 1947 season.

When did Grafton Green die?

Grafton Green died in 1947.

When was Eugène Green born?

Eugène Green was born in 1947.

What material is the green monster at fenway?

It was wood then covered in tin and concrete in 1934. In 1976, It was covered with hard plastic. It was part of the original ballpark construction of 1912, but not painted green until 1947.

What is Gene Green's birthday?

Gene Green was born on October 17, 1947.

What is Al Green's birthday?

Al Green was born on September 1, 1947.

When was Lamar Green born?

Lamar Green was born on 1947-03-22.

When was Terence M. Green born?

Terence M. Green was born in 1947.