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Q: What color jersey will green bay wear as home team?
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What color jersey will the packers wear to the Super Bowl?

they are the home team so the all green and yellow

Who is the home team in Super Bowl XLIII what color jersey will the steelers be wearing?

Green Bay will be the home team. The Steelers will wear their white jerseys and the Packers will wear green jerseys.

What jersey will Green Bay Packers ware in the super bowl?

They're the home team, so they will wear their solid green jersey.

What is an away jersey?

An away jersey is the uniform that the team wears in the team colours as visiting players, These jerseys are differently coloured than the colours that they wear on their home field. For example if your colours are green and white, the home jersey might be a green jersey with white lettering. An away jersey would be a white jersey with green lettering. The jersey is so designed because the visiting team might have the same colours as the home team, so the play can be distinguished between the visiting team and the home team. If both teams wear the same colours, the away jersey tells that the team with the inverted colours are the visitors.

What color jersey will the Green Bay Packers wear in Super Bowl 45?

Protcol gives the home team first choice. Since Green Bay is the host team, they will more than likely be wearing their green jerseys.

What color jersey will the Green Bay Packers wear to super bowl XLV?

Being the designated home team, the Packers will wear their green jerseys to Super Bowl XLV.

How can you find out before the game what color jersey the team will wear?

Im sure the team will have a website to tell what color jersey, home or away. Google the answer and im sure you will find it.

How do they decide which jersey to wear during world cup matches?

One team will be called the "Home Team" and the other will be called the "Away Team". If you're the "Home Team", you where a white jersey. If you're the "Away Team", you where a colored jersey. (Whatever color your team usually wears.)

Where can I find the team jersey color for game day in the NFL?

Home team wears their dark jerseys, away team wears light color or white jerseys.

Why does the baseball team coyote have a green shirt?

The triple-A coyote's wear a green jersey because that's just the color they picked. Simple as that.

What color jersey did the Pittsburgh Steelers wear in Super Bowl XLV?

The Steelers wore their road white jerseys in Super Bowl XLV. The Green Bay Packers were the home team and they chose to wear their green jerseys.

What is the jersey color of the Italian football team?


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