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deep steel blue its called - i dont know the number color code though

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Q: What color do Houston Texans wear at home?
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What do the Mexican Texans wear?

Wherever they wants.

What color jersey do hockey teams wear at home?


When basketball players are at home what color jersey do they wear?


What color jersey will green bay wear as home team?


Why are people called Texans?

If the shoe fits wear it - with Pride.

What color sleeves did Otto Graham wear during home games?


What color is the redskins home jersey?

Most teams wear their dark colors at home, but the redskins and cowboys wear their white uniforms at home. the redskins home uniform is white with burgandy and gold trim.

What is the jersey color of the Green Bay Packers on the road?

NFL teams don't have a home or road uniform they have a color and a white uniform most teams wear their color uniform at home, thus you will see most road team wearing white on the road. The Dallas Cowboys always wear white at home thus the road team is force to wear their color uniform. so even though Green Bay wears color at home you will see them wearing the color uniform on the road when they play the cowboys Some teams (jets,dolphins,redskins) wear white at home in the warm months (sept. Oct.) and color or alternate for the rest of the season.

What color are the New York Giants?

Navy blue , red , and white. They wear white and red when their nit at there home stadium . But when their at home they wear the navy blue.

When your team plays a game what do you wear?

Home-white Away-whatever other color

What color Dallas jersey do you wear to Dallas eagles game?

The Dallas Cowboys traditonally wear white jerseys on the road unless the home team decides to wear white.

Who is the home team in Super Bowl XLIII what color jersey will the steelers be wearing?

Green Bay will be the home team. The Steelers will wear their white jerseys and the Packers will wear green jerseys.