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Goalkeeper usually wears a red cap.

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What side does the 3 have to be on a polo cap?

the is no number on a polo cap

How much does equipment for water polo cost?

A water polo goal, a shot clock, a score board, a water polo ball, and last but not least the player. Water polo swimming apparel are speedos, and a cap saying the number/team color. No goggles are worn.

What colour cap does a goalie waer in water polo?

Red, but the cap actually doesn't really matter unless your talking about the cap you wear on top of your swimming cap, if you're talking about that one then the goalie usually wears a Red :)

Your wolkswagen polo is open an you cant open the fuel cap?

If the fuel cap is jammed when a Volkswagen Polo is open the lid can be wedge with a flathead screwdriver. Depending on whether the cap will come off or not, the unit may need to be broken off and replaced.

What do water polo players wear?

Water polo players wear caps that protect their ears from injury if they get hit by a fast ball. The caps also help identify players and teams: The home team wears dark caps, away team wears light caps. Goalkeepers wear red caps. Each player also has a number on their cap to identify them like other sports feature on jerseys.

Why is your 1996 grand am steaming from under the radiator cap?

youhave a bad water pump or it is going bad. you are not using anti freeze 50/50 with water or thermostadt is bad. worse sanerio is a cracked head.Look under the oil cap if it a cream color or tan color then it is getting water inside the engine.

What is the color of the cap of Franklin the turtle?

His cap is red

How to open Fuel cap for volkswagen polo?

Had same problem at first, The car needs to be open then just press the cover over the cap. If the car is locked the cap will not open...

Where is the Fuel cap release vw 2010 polo?

Just make sure the central locking is unlocked and then punch the petrol cap cover!

Do you need to replace metal outer casing of Polo on distributor cap?

I had to replace the original Magneti Marelli cap and found that the cowl was too loose on the new cap. I have left it off and not noticed a difference. I removed the earth screw from the braid and re-inserted it in the distributor to prevent water / dirt ingress.

How do you open a VW polo fuel cap when the locking system of the car fails and the cap remains locked?

there is a way by opening the cap manually from inside the port bagage there is a refer in the owners manual

What color cap does trusopt have?