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Well if you aren't prepared for college then you can't go to a college that will prepare you for college

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Q: What colleges will help you prepare for college?
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Is a community college the same as a vocational school?

Community Colleges and vocational schools are different. Vocational schools typically prepare you to enter a vocation while community colleges prepare you for a profession.

What college will help prepare to be a computer engineer?


Why is it important to take AVID if you want to go to college?

AVID helps you prepare for college by assisting with applications and scholarships , they help keep you on track and organize you so you will be determined to go to college.

What types of courses did many early African Americans colleges provide?

High school level classes to prepare for college

What types of course did many early African Americans colleges provide?

High school level classes to prepare for college

What colleges offer grants to attend?

Many colleges offer grants to help college students afford the price of college. There are many kinds of grants. One type is the alumni grant. Ithaca College is one of the many colleges that offer grants.

How does the high school subjects help you prepare?

High school is supposed to prepare you for college. College is supposed to prepare you for the real world. Even if in the furture you will not be doing as much math, you will have the ability to think critically.

Is a FAFSA college better than other colleges?

Almost all colleges accept FASFAs. An FASFA is a form of student loan help and almost all colleges accept this, so therefore an FASFA college is not better than an ordinary college. They are the same.

What colleges can help you to medical school?

A college with medical programs is a "medical school".

What types of courses did many early African American colleges provide?

high school level classes that would prepare them for college.

Are there online resources to help choose a college?

There are many online resources to help you choose a college. There are websites that rank colleges according to different criteria as well as websites such as "college search" that will help you answer questions and satisfy your search for the perfect college.

What high school or college courses can you take to help prepare you to be a lawyer?

law school

What does colleges look at weighted or unweighted GPA?

There are some colleges that use one, or the other, or their own private weighting formula. There are too many colleges to make a list here; College Board has a good college information tool that may help.

What programmes are offered at the Collingham Sixth Form College?

Collingham Sixth Form College is an independent college that helps prepare students for medical school. They offer programs that help a person prepare to apply and enter medical school.

How does AVID help you prepare for college?

it helps you test taking, writing skills, reading, and helps you be more organized and prepared for college

Help finding the best college to study art?

Go to this site: It will help you search out and find colleges that will provide comprehensive arts programs.

Which colleges help you prepare to be a professional dancer?

if you reallywant to be a professional dancer then you should audition for a lot of trainee programs (ex: Joffrey, NYCB, ABT, San Francisco Ballet etc.) then go to college online so you can still get a degree.

What is the best way to search colleges in Canada?

Well first you browse the web to search for colleges in that area. Or you can find a college recruiter to help you find a college. But the best way is to go on your computer and web colleges in that are web should pop up a whole list for you.

What published guide should I use to help Find a College?

US News and World Report is a respected publication for finding colleges. They annually rate colleges.

What are the duties of office superintendent in colleges?

In colleges there is no "office of superintendent" but each college has a college president.

What is the college board for?

The college board is there to help keep track of standardized test scores and to review applications to colleges across the USA. It also helps to help SAT and ACT scores.

How does music help you get into college?

Many colleges are looking for people with experient with the arts, such as music. Plus, learning music may help you do better in math or other music classes that can help you earn college credit

What are some colleges in Richmond BC?

There are various colleges in Richmond, BC offering different courses. Some of these colleges include; 'Walton College', 'Capital College' and 'Emerson College'.

Can your job help you earn college credits?

There are some colleges and universities that will evaluate business and/or life experience.

Where can I get college tuition assistance?

You can get this tuition assistance in some great college with paying the expenses of the association and they help you to rise your level in the modules you need to get help . If you need some free tuition assistance college you can get it with the community colleges.