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Q: What colleges or universities have sports medicine as a major?
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What colleges or universities have sports medicine as a major and that are division 1 in sports?

Probably harvard, stanford, yale, and schools like that

What major would qualify me to work in the front office of a professional sports team?

There are colleges and universities that offer degrees in Sports Management. This would be a good possibility for you. You should check with your home county community college, as well as other four year colleges and universities within your geographical location.

What are the major colleges or universities in Alabama?

Tuskegee university

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what are some of the major colledges and universities in new york

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Chicken bones .gov

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There are colleges and universities do offer a major in special education.

What are some good colleges or universities to go to if you want to major in psychology?

== ==

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UConn has a verity of sports teams for colleges

What universities and colleges offer x ray technician classes?

You can find information about universities and colleges that offer classes in e ray technicians on the following

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Sports medicine is a somewhat exclusive major that isn't offered by a large number of universities. Lots of larger scale public universities offer it as a major, however. Places like Michigan State University and KU have some of the best programs in the country.

What are some Major colleges or universities in Iowa?

Kaplan University and ITT technichal institute

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Yes you can. There are many colleges and universities that offer an English major.

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Yes you can. There are many colleges and universities that offer accounting as a major.

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There are colleges and universities that have an engineering degree with a robotics option.

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The University of Kansas Kansas State University

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It can be a major in a university or college, but not in any university or college, as it depends on what the university has to offer. Make sure you ask which universities offer the course you want.

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Colleges definitely offer risk management classes if they offer a finance or a business major. Most major universities and college have these sorts of classes.

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UC Davis offers an Animal Science major

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Most students major in biology, and many colleges and universities have a wildlife option within their biology major.

What are some universities in the United States that offer Theology degrees?

Most major colleges and Universities offer degrees in theology. There are also some online universities that offer theology degrees also.

What colleges in new York offer sports marketing as a major?

SUNY Cortland

How many colleges have a championship in all four major sports?


What is the name of the universitys of Oregon?

There are two major universities- Oregon State University and University of Oregon. there are a lot of other smaller colleges and private universities as well

How long does it take to major in sports medicine?

An associate degree in sports medicine generally takes two-years. During the coursework, students learn sports nutrition, physiological aspects of sports science and medicine, and learn how to assess injuries and provide therapy for rehabilitation purposes.

Why would sports teams not drop native American names?

The two sports I know of regarding this question are the Redskins in the NFL and the Cleveland Indians in major league baseball. I have noticed that colleges and universities seem to be OK on this matter. St John's University changed from the RedMen to Redstorm.