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As of December 27, 2010, Ohio State (6, 2), Michigan State (7, 20), Missouri (14, 10), Texas A&M (18, 18), and Connecticut (25, 4). AP Rankings (Football Ranking, Basketball Ranking)

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Q: What colleges are currently ranked in both football and basketball?
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Is Pitt basketball currently ranked?

Yes. Pitt basketball is really highly ranked. They are ranked number 1 in both the AP and Coaches' Poll.

What team is currently ranked number 2 in mens college basketball?

Michigan state is currently ranked number 2

What team is currently ranked number 16 in mens college basketball?

Michigan is ranked 16

What team is currently ranked number in men's college basketball?

The Kansas Jayhawks

Where does Michigan rank among football wins?

Michigan is currently ranked #1

When was the University of Kentucky basketball team last ranked in the Top 25?

we are currently ranked #2 with a 17-0 record in our 2009-2010 season.

What are the Maryland basketball teams?

The University of Maryland Terrapins are Maryland's only NCAA basketball team. The Terrapins are a men's college level basketball team, and are currently ranked among the top 25 teams nationwide.

What is the greatest soccer team in the world?

The Spanish national football team is currently ranked the highest (1st) by the FIFA organization.

What colleges can you get in UPTU if you ranked 29303?


When is the last time that the Kentucky Wildcats were ranked?

In basketball, they are ranked nearly every year.

Where is Qatar ranked in football?

Qatar will be ranked about 136 in the world ranking.

What is best football colleges in America?

Well if you mean by the best teams, it just depends who is ranked high that particular year. Teams that are ranked high consistently are Alabama, USC, Virginia Tech, LSU, FSU, Clemson... just to name a few.