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Sports and drama colleges mostly, they are not really majors unless you want to go into physical education or sports marketing. Drama majors are useful for education jobs as well as directing, scripting and acting jobs.

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Q: What colleges and universities offer sports and drama degrees?
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Where are the best colleges for theater in Pennsylvania?

There are a number of colleges and universities in Pennsylvania that specialize in theater. Here is a list of theater colleges and universities in Pennsylvania AND The best would probably be the program hosted at Muhlenberg College.

Which are the top drama universities in the us?

Two top drama universities in the United States are The New School and the Carnegie Mellon University.

What is a sports drama?


When was Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix created?

Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix was created in 1997.

What are the subgenres of drama?

Addiction Drama Childhood Drama Coming-of-Age Docudrama Gangster General Drama Medical Drama Melodrama Musical Drama Period Drama Political Drama Psychological Drama Sports Drama Tradgedy Urban Drama

What are the top drama graduate programs?

For colleges and universities within the Unites States, you can research institutions offering masters and doctorate programs by clicking on the related links section ( indicated directly below this answer section.

Is One Tree Hill a soap opera?

"One Tree Hill" is classified as a "Teen Drama". Genre: Drama and Sports Format: Teen Drama and Serial Drama

What colleges have drama class?

Please see the link below for a list of schools. I know SAGU in Texas has a great drama department.

What was heath ledger's favourite subject in school?

Drama and Sports but mostly Drama. RIP Heath..

Where can you train to become an actress in south Africa?

Most universities have art and drama departments

What genre does the TV show Six Degrees fall into?


Do you have to pay to go to drama school?

Yes. Drama schools, like universities, have tuition fees. They're often very expensive due to the nature of the course.

What has the author Sylvia Demmery written?

Sylvia Demmery has written: 'Drama in colleges of education' -- subject(s): Drama in education, Study and teaching 'Drama in a multi-cultural society' -- subject(s): Drama in education, Education (Elementary), Minorities

What has the author Ronald Everett Capps written?

Ronald Everett Capps has written: 'Off Magazine Street' -- subject(s): Admission, Alcoholics, Authors, Death, Drama, Father figures, Fiction, Mothers, Orphans, OverDrive, Teenage girls, Universities and colleges

Where must you study to be an actor in South Africa?

Most Universities have Drama Departments, UCT and Grahamstown definitely

Is Central Michigan University a good school for studying in drama?

Central Michigan UniversityMount Pleasant, MichiganThe University has the preferred regional accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is a College Board member. Therefore, the coursework and degree completed through this institution of higher learning will be recognized by all other colleges and universities as well as employers.

What colleges did Charlton Heston attend?

Northwestern University, just north of Chicago, on a (surprise!) drama scholarship.

What is the difference between drama school and a college?

Drama schools tend to involve vocational training whereas universities are more theory based. Between the two, a drama school is better as the best way to learn a practical skill is by doing!

College degrees in Drama and acting available in NC and Miami?

they are if you prey to satin

Names of four words related to high school?

Drama sports homework relationships

Can you get a degree in acting?

idk.... i think mayybe u cannn You can study for a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Drama from most universities

What is the new Chinese drama Bull Fighting about Where could you watch it?

basketball drama about two rival colleges and a girl who is heavily invested in one of them but causes that college to lose. watch at

How does drama help in becoming a lawyer?

Drama helps improve your performing altogether, so when you are in court it will help you project your case. When you go to University it shows creativity, which many top universities such as Cambridge, look for.

Why do you have drama clubs?

drama clubs in high school and colleges allow students with a talent for acting get a chance to show these skills the same as a member of a football team gets to show his special talents

Where are acting qualifications obtained?

You can commonly get them at normal high schools, colleges and universitys. If not, look for a local drama school you can attend.