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Dayton (Noll & Gruden), San Jose State (Walsh & Vermeil), Arkansas (Johnson & Switzer), Eastern Illinois (Shanahan & Payton), Miami-Ohio (Ewbank & Harbaugh), and Pacific (Flores & Carroll).

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Georgia has 3 alumni that have won the Super Bowl MVP and they are:

Jake Scott-CB Super Bowl VII (1973)

Terrell Davis-RB Super Bowl XXXII (1998)

Hines Ward-WR Super Bowl XL (2004)

Joe Montana has won the Super Bowl MVP award 3 times himself in:

Super Bowl XVI (1982)

Super Bowl XIX (1985)

Super Bowl XXI (1990)

Then you also have Bart Starr winning Super Bowl MVP twice in

Super Bowl I and II and Joe Namath in Super Bowl III and they both played for Alabama.

To my knowledge that Georgia had 3 players win the award one player to win to 3 times and then 2 player combine for 3 mvp awards.

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Through Super Bowl XLII, the University of Georgia: 1) Jake Scott - MVP of Super Bowl VII

2) Terrell Davis - MVP of Super Bowl XXXII

3) Hines Ward - MVP of Super Bowl XL

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Q: What college has produced three Super Bowl MVPs?
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