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Q: What college football teams have the most wins since 2006?
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What football teams has Colt Mccoy played for since 2006?

Colt Mccoy played for the Texas Longhorns since 2006. He was won many awards and is regarded as a football hero in Texas.

When was College Football on NBC created?

College Football on NBC was created in 2006.

How many division 1 men's football teams were there in 2006?

For the 2006 season, there were 119 division 1-A teams and 111 division 1-AA teams.

How much money do ncaa football teams make in bowl games?

There is a long list you may follow at

Which teams played the final of football world cup 2006?

italy and france

Where did Florida rank in college football average attendance in 2006?


Who were All Americans in college football in the 1800s?

Click on the 'College Football Awards History' link on this page to see the All Americans from 1889 through 2006 plus the winners of other prestigious awards in college football.

When is the last time a college won both football and basketnall champioships?

2006 Florida

Which teams have won consecutive football world cups apart from Brazil?

Italy (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006)

Which college football team won the 2006 NCAA Football championship?

AnswerThe Florida Gators beat the Ohio State Buckeyes to win the National Championship for 2006-2007.

What college football coach has won 2 national championships?

Urban Meyer (2006 & 2008)

How many teams have won 25 or more games in college basketball in each season since 2006?

2. Southeast Hawaii State A&M Tech University and Northern Iowa State Tech

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