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The University of Michigan Wolverines have the most wins of any College Football program in the country.

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Q: What are the top 3 ncaa football programs of all time?
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What are the Top 5 ncaa football programs of all time?

Here's a wild guess: USC, OU, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Alabama.

What are differences in a NFL football and a NCAA football?

Well, first of all, and NCAA football has stripes on it. Second of all, an NFL football is bigger than an NCAA one.

What NCAA football team has the most top 25 finishes all-time?


What ncaa division 1A football program has the most all time victories?


Which NCAA D1 football team has the most wins all-time?

University of Michigan Wolverines

What are the teams in NCAA football 2010?

All division 1 FBS and FCS teams are in ncaa football 2010

Largest NCAA school with football program?

The 10 largest American universities all have NCAA football programs. The university with the largest enrollment in the United States for 2009-2010 is University of Arizona in Tempe, Arizona with over 55,000 students.

Most college football wins all time?

The University of Michigan has the most college football wins of any NCAA team.

What NCAA Division 1 football team has the best all time winning percentage?

The University of Michigan.

Who are the NCAA top 3 rushing touchdown leaders all time in WAC football?

LT:ladanian tomlinson

Do they make NCAA football 2010 for Wii?

no, you can get ncaa 09 all play but no you cant get 2010

List division 1AA colleges with football programs?

list all D1aa schools with football programs

Who is the all-time leading rusher in NCAA Division One football?

Ron Dayne, Wisconsin, 1996-1999. 6,397 yards.

What ncaa division 1 football team has the most 1000 yard running backs all time?

North Carolina Tarheels

What are the top 10 winningest high school football programs of all time?

1.valdosta GA

What is the all-time series record between lsu and University of Florida in ncaa football?

The all-time series record is 2 wins for Florida vs 1 win for ISU

What players have the most all purpose yards in NCAA football?

Tayvon Alston

Any cheats for ncaa 10 football?

No their are not any cheats for my favorite game NCAA 10.I love all of my football fans and this is Dwight Freeney and I'm keeping you posted.

What is the NCAA football record for Tennessee vs Arkansas?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Tennessee leads the all-time series 12-3.

How many conferences are in the NCAA?

There are 11 conferences in NCAA Division in which a college has a football team. The exist in all areas of the United States.

Do you have a list of all division 1 schools that play football?

Click on the 'Division 1-A Football Colleges' link on this page to see all schools that play NCAA Division 1-A football. Click on the 'Division 1-AA Football Colleges' link on this page to see all schools that play NCAA Division 1-AA football.

Name all the ncaa football teams never won a national championship?


What college football team has won the most Associated Press national championships?

maybe this will help ...

How many NCAA 1 AA schools with Cross Country?

NCAA division 1 AA (or FCS) is a designation given only to college football programs. The vast majority, if not all, of the schools with football teams that play in division 1 AA have athletic teams that compete in Division 1 for other sports. Because cross country is a mainstream sport at the high school and college level, it seems fair to assume that almost all of these schools have cross country programs.

What are the names of the schools that play in the NCAA?

all NCAA colleges in football,basketball,all the sports there are all of the teams but, it depends on what year u got of that sport then it will be the same teams but different players