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According to College Football Data Warehouse, Alabama has played in the most bowl games with 54. Their record is 30-21-3. Second is a tie between Texas and Tennessee with 46. Tennessee is 24-22 and Texas is 23-21-2 in bowl games.

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Q: What college football teams are ranked one and two in most bowl appearances?
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What are the 119 college football teams?

There are technically far more than 119 college football teams. The 119 are the ones that are nationally ranked. But smaller schools also have teams, But they cannot compete with the larger schools.

Who in college football has the hardest schedule?

I don't know what anyone elses schedule is but my team is LSU and we play 6 teams ranked in the top 25 this season including 2 ranked teams Out of Conference. 6 teams in the top 25 to play out of 12 games id say is pretty tough in college football.

Has there ever been two teams from the same state ranked number one and number two in college football?

There has never been two teams from the same state to rank number 1 or 2 in college football. The number 1 college football team is Mississippi State.

How many college football teams are there?

There are approximately 119 college football teams.

How are college basketball teams ranked?

They are ranked, By media, AP, and Coaches.

How many teams in college football were ranked number one before the season started and finished the season number one?

2001 FSU team.

Do all the states have football teams?

All states have college football teams, but not even half of the states have NFL teams.

What is boise state's football team record against ranked teams?


Where is South Carolina ranked on all time college football wins?

As of the start of the 2008 season, the Gamecocks were ranked 60th of all Division 1-A teams with 521 wins (All time record as of the 2008 season was 521-523-44). Ranked 59th was North Carolina State with 524 wins and ranked 61st was Baylor with 517 wins.

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There are several successful college football teams in Georgia, one is Atlanta Christian College. The university of Georgia and Georgia Tech are also among the successful college teams in Georgia competing in the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision.

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All teams have played a MNF game. The Houston Texans have the least appearances, with 1.

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How many professional football teams does Arkansas have?

There are 6 football teams: The Arkansas Razorbacks and 5 College Football Teams.

How many football teams in Mississippi?

There are at least 10 football teams in mississippi and even more if you count in the college football teams. I hope that I have answered your question!

How much do the college football bowls pay to the participating teams?

How much does the Bell Helicopter Bowl at TCU pay participating college football teams?

What college football teams are in New York?

College football teams in New York are the Buffalo State Bengals, Fordham Rams, Rochester Yellow Jackets, and St. Lawrence Saints. Syracuse Orangemen and Union Dutchmen are also college football teams in New York.

What NCAA Men's Football Team was ranked?

this makes no sense and if you really typed in this question you know nothing about the NCAA, there are lots of ranked teams people!

Do the top two teams in college football play for the national championship?

college football?. Don't you mean American college football,or the real thing?

How many college football teams are there in the US?

Over 300 teams about

List the top 20 nationally ranked college dance teams?

#$$@@%..............^$$^%^ ...........*$^%...................**^%@^$^$#^$%^$.....................*&%^#$)_%^$#!*-##$^@%^....................*^$&&@@______45775---$@$^%#^

What sport is Holtz well known for?

Lou Holtz is known for his coaching of numerous college and professional football teams. His coaching career lasted 25 years including appearances in 6 college bowl games. He was admitted to the coaching hall of fame in 2008.

How many college football teams in us?

There are 124 teams currently playing in the Football Bowl Subdivision, the highest level of NCAA football.

What football teams went undefeated in college football in 1998?

The only football team which was undefeated in college football in the year of 1998 was the University of Tennessee.

What college teams don't play on Sunday?

No College teams play on Sunday. Well, in football that is. NFL is Sunday.

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