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Southwestern University (in Georgetown TX) does not have a football team, therefore it is not affiliated with any football conference.

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Q: What college football conferences has Southwestern University been affiliated with?
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Why does Southwestern university not have a football team?

Southwestern University (TX) had a team until 1950. The disbanded the team because of budgetary pressures. This Methodist affiliated University has a history in college football. It was one of the founding members of The Southwest Conference in 1915. However, it would leave the conference in subsequent years. One of the earliest rivals for Southwest was Southern Methodist University. There has been talk of bringing football back. A study was commissioned on the feasibility of bringing the program back. However just like in 1950, there is a budgetary shorfall, and that might delay any effort to restore college football to Southwestern University. Currently the university participates in other varsity sports at the NCAA Division III level.

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