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None, he turned pro before he could finish his degree.

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He promised his Mom he would get his degree though

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Q: What college degree does Tiger Woods has?
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Tiger Woods education?

Tiger Woods completed two years of an Economic Degree at Stanford University

Where did Tiger Woods attend college?

Tiger attended Stanford.

When did Tiger Woods go to college?


What activities did Tiger Woods attend in college?


What college did tiger woods attend when he left to go pro?


What college did Tiger Woods attend?

He went to Stanford from 1994-1996.

Did Tiger Woods compete against Phil mickelson in college golf?

No, Mickelson had graduated about two years before Tiger began college.

What college did Tiger Woods gradute from?

He went to Stanford for two years but did not graduate.

What does Tiger Woods do with all his money?

He build's up his daughter's college fund.

Is Tiger Woods a college graduate?

No, he spent two years at Stanford but never graduated.

What years did Tiger Woods go to college?

1993-1996 He left to turn pro.

What is Tiger Woods's favorite sports team?

Tiger Woods grew up in the bay area of California and has said before that he is a fan of the Oakland Raiders. As for College Football, he supports Stanford.