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Q: What college conferences use wooden bats?
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How many players of the MLB use wooden bats?

everyone of them do. metal bats are illegal in professional baseball. But you use them in college, high school and below.

Which bat hits the ball farther a wooden or metal?

Metal most definitely, hence why Metal bats are not used beyond the college level. MLB studs are far too powerful to use anything but Wooden bats.

What is the difference between bats used in the major leagues and bats used in college baseball?

In the MLB, they use wooden bats and are able to break easier. In college, they use drop 3 bb core's and they're also metal, it's also harder to break. If you want to look at the bats, go to and search bb core.

What kind of baseball bats did they use in baseball back in the 1850?

They used wooden bats in the 185s.

Why cant college baseball players use composite bats for 2010?

To Powerful I Guessyou would literally have a ridiculous amounts of HRs a game, not to mention the danger. I think it is time college goes to a wooden bat personally

Does a composite bat hit farther than an aluminim bat?

Metal bats hit the ball further which is why at unprofessional levels of baseball they use metal but when you get to the MLB you have to use wood.

Why does MLB use wooden bats?

Players in Major League Baseball use wooden bats so the ball doesn't go as far when they hit it. If they used an aluminum bat, players could easily hit a home run.

Can you use material with official sports on a youth sports team?

Yes everything but wooden bats.

What do college players use for baseball bats?


What type of bat will a baseball come off of better plastic aluminum or wooden bats?

baseballs come off an aluminum bat faster and harder, than they do on a wooden bat. that is why in the MLB they make the players use wooden bats, to prevent serious injury. i myself perfer to use and practice with a wooden bat in the off season, because it teaches you to use the right mechanics to hit the ball harder and farther. but during games i use an aluminum ball bat, and during practice i use a wooden bat. i would restrain from using a carbon-fiber bat because they have a tendency to crack and break. but that is just my opinion on carbon fiber bats.

Why are composite bats hotter after multiple use?

because there is friction between the bat and ball, this produces heat, a wooden bat isn't as good at conducting heat as a composite bat, therefore a composite bat will feel warmer after multiple use than a wooden one.

How is college baseball different from Major League Baseball?

For one thing, colleges use metal bats and the MLB uses wood bats. That is about it.