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Q: What college basketball team has the second longest active home winning streak?
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College basketball longest active winning streak?

womens college basketball. uconn

Longest active winning streak in college football?

Boise State University with 24 wins

What is the biggest winning streak in college basketball?

the uconn girls have an active streak of 89 games from 2008-present

What is the longest active home winning streak in NCAA football?


What NFL team has the longest active home winning streak?


What is the longest active winning streak in NCAA women's basketball?

As of 9:00 p.m. on 2/2/10, that would be University of Connecticut Huskies at 61 straight wins.

What is the longest active winning streak in major college football?

As of Jan 10, 2012, the answer appears to be Northern Illinois, win a 9 game streak dating back to October 8, 2011.

What is the longest active losing streak in sports?

Caltech beavers 207 games division 3 basketball

What is the longest currently active home win streak in NCAA Division I Men's Basketball?

Utah state

Which college football team has the longest active bowl losing streak?

Northwestern Wildcats

Could be provided with links of active College basketball forums?

NCAA football longest active winning streak?

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater: 36 wins (as of Oct 15 2011)

What is the longest active free throw streak in college basket ball?

68 minutes and 42 seconds.

Who has the 3RD longest consecutive bowl streak in college football?

Florida State at 29 and is the current active leader.

Two syllable words that describe basketball?

Active, Running, Shooting, Scoring, Shouting, Passing, Winning, Cheering, Throwing, Tossing, Blocking, Athletes, Jumping.

What active BCS conference college football coach has the best road winning percentage as of November 21 2008?

Jim tressel

Why is basketball an active and healthy sport?

why is basketball a excercise game

Is God on a winning streak?

God is on an active 31 game winning streak

What is the longest active winning streak in NCAA men's basketball?

University of Kansas 54-0 as of 2/4/10 Still the Jayhawks riding a 61 as of 11/18/2010. Make that 62, 11/19/2010 North Texas falls at the Phog.

Was Michael Jordan always into basketball?

yes and always will be active in basketball.

Do basketball players get taller when they play basketball?

No, playing basketball will not make someone taller. Basketball can help you run faster and remain active.

Longest active NBA career?


What is the second longest active losing streak in professional sports?

1st longest; 'bout 26 2nd longest; 'bout 24

Which is the longest pro sports season?

PGA Golf has the longest season. It is active 93% of the year.

What would you say about basketball?

basketball is fun, active , easy to find boyfriends and all dat