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John Wooden

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Q: What coach has most champion ships any sport?
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Which team has the most champion ships?

H ow many champion ships does the chicago bears have.

Who is the most winningest coach any sport?

Coach Hosek

Who has the most champion in NBA?

The Boston Celtics with 17 champion ships ;) lakers only have 15

Most national NCAA football Champion ships?

Notre Dame

What nba basketball team has won the most champion ships?

The Boston Celtics they have 17.

Which college coach has the most national championships in any sport?

Coach McDonnell to retire after earning 42 national titles

What coach has won the most nba champion ship?

its phil jackson with 11(6 bulls, 5 lakers)

How do you becom champon on wii sports resort?

On each sport, you have to come to the 1000 mark, then you get to play the champion. You beat that person, then you are the champion. (It works on most but not some. Figure the rest out!)

What is athletic conditioning?

Conditioning by which you train (by exercise in most sports) individually, with a coach, a partner, or teammates for a certain sport.

Which coach has the most wins as an ncaa college coach in any sport?

I just picked up win 1206. I'm just curious where that stands with other college coaches.

Is baseball the most mental sport?

Not really, there many world sports that require a lot less physical activity like chess. The most mental is relative to the player, fan, coach involved with the sport too.

What is the most popular coach tours in the UK?

Some of the most popular coach tours in the UK are the Castles and Gardens tour, and the Cambridge and the Sport of Kings tour. There is also the Durham Dales and Hadrian's wall tour which is spectacular.

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