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Professional golfers use whatever clubs they want, some of the newer pros use whatever club manufacturer they are signed with. The brands are mainly Taylormade, Titleist, Ping, Callaway, Wilson. Just because a pro has a manufacturer on the bag, doesn't mean they have the clubs in the bag.

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Q: What clubs do top pro golfers use?
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What equipment do golfers use?


What pro golfers use what?


Which professional golfers use Wilson Golf clubs?

There are many professional golfers that use the Wilson brand of golf clubs. Some of the players who use them include Ricky Barnes and Padraig Harrington.

Can Pro Golfers use Yellow Golf Balls?

Yes, pro golfers can use any colour of golf ball as long as it has been approved for tournament play.

What tees do pro golfers use?

The majority of pro golfers simply use long wooden white tees. Some like Kenny Perry use the zero friction tees.

Should tall golfers use longer clubs?

A golfer should use clubs of a length that is comfortable for him or her. Generally, that means that a taller golfer will use longer clubs and a shorter golfer, shorter clubs.

What are 2 examples of types of golf clubs?

There are different types of golf clubs golfers can use, depending on how they want to play. 2 examples of types of golf clubs are wedges and putters.

What percent of pro golfers use titleist golf balls?

65% or so

Do any pro golfers use Taylor made rocket ballz?


What is a junior golf set?

They are a set of clubs designed for junior golfers. They are shorter, lighter and more lofted so easier to use.

Why do pro golfers use forged irons?

I always thought it was because forged irons give the player better control in terms of hooks and fades. Caivty backed clubs are more forgiving for amateurs, but don't allow the golfer to shape the ball in a certain direction as easily as forged irons.

Does the brand of golf bag have to match clubs?

No it doesn't. Most times we golfers find a bag we like that has the pockets, storage areas, etc. and throw our clubs in it. It may be a Titelist bag and have Calloway clubs in it. That goes for the pros also. Usually they use a bag with their sponsor's logo, but they play another sponsor's clubs.

Which professional golfers use Wilson Clubs?

Ricky Barnes uses Wilson FG tour irons. Padraig Harrington uses Wilson Irons as well.

How far does a 8 iron hit?

As with any club, it completely depends on the player. There are some old lady golfers who would use an 8 iron for a 75 yard shot, and there are some pro golfers that would use an 8 iron for a 175 yard shot.

What pro golfer use Adam golf clubs?

Burnard langer on the champions tour.

Can a man use ladies golf clubs?

Ladies golf clubs are designed with lady golfers in mind. They are usually slightly shorter and have softer shaft, designed to help get the airborne. A man could use s set of ladies clubs, the would suit him better if he was not very tall and had a slow swing speed.

How much do the clubs cost that PGA golfers use?

The clubs that the majority of PGA Tour players use are the same you can buy in any golf shop. The difference is they may have a custom shaft put in them and the clubs will be bent to their exact specifications. Some players may have custom built clubs such as putters and wedges which would obviously be quite expensive. Some players may also use prototype clubs which are made to try out a new design, and would not be available to the public yet. The tour players wouldn't have to buy the clubs, they would simply be given them.

What clubs do Kenny perry PGA pro use?

Kenny Perry is a Taylormade staff player.

Can a golfer use another golfers club?

In my experience, unless you know exactly what you're doing, most golfers like to buy their own golf clubs. however, there are tons of other options for golfers. I'd check out some of the links I'm attaching for gift ideas. There's everything from golf bag, rags, pins, gloves. It's unlimited.

What golf clubs does Michelle wei use?

According to the Nike website Michelle currently (2011) uses the following clubs: SQ Machspeed Blackdriver VR Pro Fairway Woods VR Pro Blades (irons) METHOD Putter VR Pro Wedge VR Pro Hybrids Yes all Nike clubs but she did not always use Nike. In the June issue of SI Michelle is pictured using Titleist clubs. She was 13 and she has won several tournament and now a star on any course she graces. But as for today she swings Nike clubs.

Do most players use golf gloves?

Most serious players do use a glove for better gripping of the clubs which helps to facillitate a better tee off. Although clubs manufactured today already have good grips on them some golfers still prefer the glove--either from habit or because they sweat profusely.

How old do you have to be to play golf?

You can be any age at which you can use a standard club. Golfers have started as early as age 6. (Toy clubs and players under 9 or 10 are not allowed on many courses.)

What tee box do pro golfers use?

They use the very back tees, the are usually tees not available to the general public in general play. On some courses it would be the blues, others the blacks and others the whites.

Do all professional golfers always use gps rangefinders?

No, only some professional golfers use them. They aren't allowed to use them during tournament play, but even so only some of the golfers use them. Most use their caddies on a daily basis to develop a better relationship.

Do all women pro golfers use steel shaft in their irons?

The majority of them would, but quite a lot still use graphite shafts. Graphite shafts help launch the ball higher with their slower swing speeds.